Wi-Fi Temperature Sensor

With Venstar's ACC-TSENWIFIPRO Wifi Temperature Sensor, you can connect to most Venstar Wifi thermostats and use it as a remote temperature sensor, outdoor temperature sensor, supply air temperature sensor, return air temperature sensor and walk-in refrigeration temperature sensor.

Product Overview

  • 5.2”H x 3.1”W x 1.4”D
  • Ultra-low power WiFi
  • Up to 20 sensors per subnet
  • Operating temperature range: 0˚ – 120˚ F w/alkaline batteries. -20˚ – 130˚ F w/lithium batteries

Remote Temperature Sensor

Place one or more sensors throughout your location and control the temperature based on the reading from one sensor or average the temperature from several sensors.

Outdoor Temperature Sensor

Control your indoor temperature based on the temperature outside when using the Wifi Temperature Sensor as an outdoor temperature sensor.

Not to be mounted in areas receiving direct rain or snow

Stainless ‘External’ Duct Sensor Included

The included duct sensor, allows you to utilize the ACC-TSENWIFIPRO as a supply air temperature sensor or return air temperature sensor.

You can also use the duct sensor to monitor the mid and low temperature set points in commercial refrigeration units. Anytime the temperature goes outside of your desired set points, you will get a real-time notification alerting you of the issue.

Easy Setup

Venstar's Configurator app allows you to quickly connect the sensor to your wifi network.

Dual Power Supply

(4) AA batteries (included) or 24vac

Expected battery life: Indoor sensor sample rate of 1 per minute: > year (Assumes strong constant Wi-Fi signal strength and connection).

Compatible with: