The Surveyor Energy Management System allows small-box retailers, restaurant chains and other multi-location businesses to remotely monitor, manage and control their energy usage while reducing maintenance expenses.

Surveyor is currently installed in more than 30,000 locations throughout North America.

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Remote Control

Surveyor provides a unique combination of features that not only allows maintenance personnel to view and diagnose equipment in real time, but also allows an Energy Manager to see the status of the entire chain quickly and efficiently.

Data Concentrator

Control equipment at thousands of locations across a corporate network, while monitoring environmental conditions and system performance.

HVAC Controls

The Equipment Control Pac and Communicating Thermostat provide remote control of 2 stage heat and 2 stage cool HVAC systems. The ECP also supports five sensors to monitor equipment health. It is 7-Day programmable, with 4 settings per day. Neverlost™ memory, setpoint limiting, and keypad lockout provide a range of security options.

Power Monitor

The Power Monitor is a powerful analytical tool for reducing energy waste and finding savings opportunities. The single channel version is typically used for building power monitoring. The four channel version is used to multiple electrical loads, such as lighting and/or HVAC systems.

Unprecedented Visibility

Surveyor gives multi-site retailers unprecedented visibility into their locations. Whether it is for a chain with hundreds or thousands of locations, Surveyor allows users to monitor and control store equipment remotely, as well as run exception reports and energy usage reports for the entire chain, individual locations, or by groupings of locations.

Surveyor for your Company

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