Wireless Configuration Made Easy

With Venstar's Configurator App, you can set up your Explorer's and Explorer Mini's Wi-Fi in seconds along with multiple other features and settings. Also configure your Venstar wireless Wi-Fi Sensors!

Thermostat Configuration

Easily connect the Explorer and Explorer Mini to your WiFi network with the step-by-step configuration wizard.

Wifi Sensor Configuration

Connect your Venstar Wifi Sensor or WiFi Sensor Mini to your network in seconds.

Easily Create Thermostat Profiles

If you are a contractor or someone who needs to install several thermostats with the same settings across multiple locations, the cloning feature will save precious time of programming each thermostat independently.

It is as easy as creating a thermostat profile in the app then transferring all of the settings to one or many thermostats at the push of a button.

Compatible with: